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Why VC Tech Check?

How can you be sure of whether the technology is not only doable but manageable? With VC Tech Check you can get any project that features technology examined by a non-biased and independent team of experts. VC Tech Check have nothing to win or lose by realising the technologies a company is showcasing. VC Tech Check can analyse, examine and test the technology before capital is invested into a business saving time and money in the long run.

VC Tech Check Have

  • Years of experience working in the technology sectors
  • Skills in every part of technological advancements
  • Dedicated teams who are passionate and hardworking
  • Proven track records in technology delivery and projects

What Can VC Tech Check Do?

  • Provide full day or half day consultancy on tech projects
  • Unbiased reporting and technical expertise/knowledge
  • Personal attention to projects
  • Insights, information and collaboration
  • Provide honest and trustworthy advice
  • Forward thinking and innovative attitude


VC Tech Check have a proven track record in delivering the highest quality of technology innovations over the last few years. With a team of experts who lived and breathed virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality before it was a thing, there is nothing the team haven’t worked on and pivotally, nothing they are unprepared for. 

The beauty of this service is the peace of mind knowing that you are investing wisely. VC Tech Check have nothing to gain from showing what is or isn’t possible and with their expertise, they’ll learn over the consultancy period if the technology is not only possible, but sustainable. This of course, depends on the projects themselves but with VC Tech Check on hand, you’ll not be left in a compromising position. The question is, why would you invest or buy something without knowing if the technology side is manageable and achievable? We can guide you through the pitch and talk you through the more complex side of the technologies used allowing you to make the right decision.

The rapid growth of technologies is confusing, and it is hard to stay on top of the latest news and developments in the sector unless you work in it. VC Tech Check spend their days working on technologies that benefit businesses giving them a huge edge in understanding the latest models of tech developments.

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